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This should include any TEFL qualifications (CELTA / Trinity CertTESOL) and other training (include dates, places, number of hours, etc.) you have done. If you have never taken a TEFL course, please describe any informal professional development you have undertaken: attendance at seminars and conferences, in-service training, books read, etc.
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Please include places you have worked, courses you have taught on, etc.
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Please note that if you do not have a degree, have not done any previous TEFL training, or cannot formally certify your level of English, it does not necessarily exclude you from the course. However, you will be asked to complete an additional task before being accepted.

Now, to complete your application, could you please attach the documentation relevant to your application?

CV *

Ideally, we'd like a PDF document (so there are no formatting issues), but we're happy with both Word and Pages too.
C1 or C2 English language certification

(if you have one)
Previous TEFL qualifications

CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL
So, this concludes your DELTA application! If you are happy with all of your answers, hit the 'submit' button below!

Thank you for your interest in taking DELTA with us.
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