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Now we'd like to get to know you a little better...

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If you choose option B, please attach a copy of your certificate at the end of this application form

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Now we're going to ask you a selection of language-related questions. If you don't know the exact answer, that's ok. Just give them your best shot!

PART 1: LANGUAGECompare the following pairs of sentences.Are they the same or different?Answer with reference to meaning and/or grammar.

a) I get up at 6.00 every morning.
b) I got up at 6.00 this morning. *

a) She’s a beautiful singer.
b) She sings beautifully. *

a) The crocodile ate the boy.
b) The boy was eaten by the crocodile. *

PART 2: FUNCTIONS (A)Language has functions, for example the function of the question “Why don’t we go to the beach?” in the context of two friends talking about different things they could do on Sunday is making a suggestion.What are the functions

Context:  A man talking on the telephone to a lady-friend:

“Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow night?” *

Context:  Same as above

Answer to question above: “I’m sorry, I can’t.  I’m working.” *

Context:  Two friends talking to each other at lunchtime.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t get married.” *


How would you introduce students to the following function of “making a request” using the following utterance: “Could you open the door for me, please?” and a variety of responses? *


How would you pronounce the following words:

record (n)
record (v)

contract (n)
contract (v)

increase (n)
increase (v)

Why are they pronounced differently? Is there a rule? *

Which words are stressed most in this question ?

“Could you pass me the salt?”

Why do you think some words are stressed more than others? *

Does the intonation go up or down in these questions?

“Are you sure?”

“What’s your name?”

Give reasons for your answer. *

PART 5: VOCABULARYWhat problems do you think students might encounter with the following items of vocabulary?

skinny *

green *

reindeer *

What different methods / ways could you use to teach vocabulary? *

That's it! No more questions!

Now, to complete your application, please attach the following documents...

Your CV in English *

Ideally, we'd like a PDF document (so there are no formatting issues), but we're happy with both Word and Pages too.
Your C1 or C2 English language certification

(If you selected Option B in section 2a)
So, this concludes your CELTA application! If you are happy with all of your answers, hit the 'submit' button below!

Thank you for your interest in taking CELTA with us.
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